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Jez and Kaz are back!

2008-10-02 11:06:35 by IcemanClay

For all those Rocket Crotch fans out there, you'll be pleased to learn that Lenkobiscuit is working on TWO new Rocket Crotch episodes!

Lenko sent me the script for the second episode so I could begin voice recording for Kaz. It's AMAAAAAZING. Much more delicious and funnier than the first. I was then suprised to uncover another script being sent to me: the halloween special! It's crazy! Again funny, witty and scrumptious. Kaz has a bigger part in this one which is always nice, and I'm going to be a co-author too! I'm working on a short sketch, which Kaz will narrate. I can't wait until it's finished. I've attached a screen shot of what I've been working on.

EDIT 29/10/08
I've uploaded a more up to date image rather than a title screen :D

NEW EDIT 30/10/08 (Very early morning)
The Kaz section is complete!

NEWER EDIT 01/11/08
It's out! Click here and watch!

(For those who know about Johnny and the Portals and are wondering, "what's going on with that", you ought to know I haven't been working on it for a while. Since I started university I haven't really had the time. I really do want to finish it though. It will definately be ready for March 2009, or maybe earlier.)

Jez and Kaz are back!


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2008-10-02 13:31:20

What you saaaaaaaaaay?

Woot, go British flash artists.

IcemanClay responds:

go british fans! :D


2008-10-02 20:12:21

MARCH!? You lazy bugge :D

IcemanClay responds:

I'm LAZY?? what happened to 8 movies this summer!!? :D:D


2008-10-09 05:40:35

awesome i cant wait!

JATP and RC are gunna be mint!

british flash artists are awesome.

IcemanClay responds:

i agree


2008-10-19 05:58:21

Ah man awesome! Hey your short you made with the flowers was amazing for a first flash, shame the sound editing wasn't too good. Still funny though!

IcemanClay responds:

yeah it is a shame about the sound editing, altho its not that terrible you makes u cringe :D


2008-10-25 20:13:46

I'm really glad to see new episodes, the last one appeared just under a year ago.
British flash artits are really awesome, especially you guys! :D


Who the f*ck is Dorothy Black?! D:

IcemanClay responds:

lol, dorothy black is a character from the spooky story that kaz tells to the group :D


2008-10-30 08:07:19


IcemanClay responds:

Yeah man


2008-10-30 08:10:11

Have you herd about the bird?

IcemanClay responds:

Bird? tell me more


2008-10-30 13:48:00

Hmm... Who the f*ck is Dorothy Black?! ^^

IcemanClay responds:

A woman who eats bugs and people!!!!!!!!


2008-11-02 15:29:55

Well everyboby knows that the bird is the word. oh know i didn't, zing


2008-11-02 12:54:26


IcemanClay responds:



2008-11-04 04:23:24

BTW clay, if you didnt know already, the bird thing is a recent family guy joke.

they dont show new family guys on tv over here


IcemanClay responds:

ahh i see, thanks for that info bentley ;-)