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Entry #3

Nearly there, just hold on...

2009-05-13 10:11:03 by IcemanClay

In my last blog I rambled on about how much work I had to do for university and how long it was gonna take for me to get my cartoon out there. Well ALL that work is done. I still can't believe it, but it is. Yes.

You can check out some of the animations I did on the links below:

Toys Misbehaving in the Kitchen

Anyway, my full attention is now on this bloody cartoon, Johnny and the Portals. Time to get it over and done with. There's no way I'm giving a release date, as I said it would be ready July 1st last year and it wasn't. Who knows, maybe it will be released July 1st this year instead! Either way, you'll be seeing it pretty soon. Peace out!

Johnny and the Portals includes artwork and voice acting from Lenkobiscuit, and voice acting from Rina-Chan

Nearly there, just hold on...


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2009-05-13 16:38:51

who drew that abomination!

IcemanClay responds:

A living legend (H)


2009-05-13 10:45:37

Will take a look, looks good, and congrats on finishing all that work, I'm still amidst the mist of mine. :/

IcemanClay responds:

oh dear, what have you got left to do? surely the end is nigh, look towards the light! feel the energy and let the feeling of accomplishment be your inspiration!! and dont take advice from nutty newgrounds users :P


2009-05-26 06:36:27

looking forward to it chris!!!

IcemanClay responds:

yeah me too!! where did you disappear to other night! i text you but no reply :P


2009-06-15 06:13:03

Chrisssssssss, hurry up man I wanna seeeeeee itttttttt :)

IcemanClay responds:

February 2010 :D


2010-07-09 16:38:46

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2011-12-20 08:54:42

i miss you kaz ;(

IcemanClay responds:

I miss me too!