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Nearly there, just hold on...

2009-05-13 10:11:03 by IcemanClay

In my last blog I rambled on about how much work I had to do for university and how long it was gonna take for me to get my cartoon out there. Well ALL that work is done. I still can't believe it, but it is. Yes.

You can check out some of the animations I did on the links below:

Toys Misbehaving in the Kitchen

Anyway, my full attention is now on this bloody cartoon, Johnny and the Portals. Time to get it over and done with. There's no way I'm giving a release date, as I said it would be ready July 1st last year and it wasn't. Who knows, maybe it will be released July 1st this year instead! Either way, you'll be seeing it pretty soon. Peace out!

Johnny and the Portals includes artwork and voice acting from Lenkobiscuit, and voice acting from Rina-Chan

Nearly there, just hold on...

Finally, the official Johnny and the Portals Update!

2008-12-17 09:37:21 by IcemanClay

18/01/09 - EDIT!
Blessed with three weeks? By god I was blessed indeed. I got so much done. I would of got even more done if I didn't leave the pen for my tablet back at uni! I thought, "Great. Back at uni now, I'll polish up on JATP and bang it on Newgrounds and then focus on uni work..." I haven't even touched Flash since I've been back. The work has been demanding, look what I gotta do!

- A 250 Frame animation all on A3 animation paper
- A 20 second animation all created and rendered in 3D (Using XSI Softimage, anyone good at it?) - NOW FINISHED!
- Two A3 drawings - NOW FINISHED!
- Loads of concept art for my take on the fairy tale of Snow White - NOW FINISHED!
- Loads of other shit! - SORTA FINISHED!

I'm not going to work on JATP until the 22nd January, but when I do... I have literally two scenes to finish and then its DONE. Almost two years in the making. DONE. Although now I want to do loads of it again :P

For... god knows how long, I've been working on a project called Johnny and the Portals. It all started back in the day, when my good friend, Lenkobiscuit, began working on Rocket Crotch. I worked on it on and off, here and there, until I'd made enough progress. Then I could announce a release date. I overcompensated. I thought I could have it finished for the (cursed) date July 1st, but it did not happen. After that things went down hill. It never came to light.

However, I've been blessed with three weeks. Three weeks of no university and spare time, and I've been working on it ever since. I did mention in the last blog that I'd have it finished in March, but it's definitely not going to take that long. I'm aiming for February, but we'll see. Here are some of the people who are involved:

Narrator - Jon Crumpton (Check out his YouTube! An amazing voice actor)
Johnny - Lenkobiscuit (If you know me, you know Lenko! Check out his Deviantart)
Eggy - Matt Woodhall (Another good friend who has helped me out a lot)
Jasmine - Rina-Chan (We all know Rina-Chan :D)
Nargul - Me ;-)
Larry - It's a suprise

Here's another list of animations I can't wait to see on Newgrounds:
- Madness Combat 9
- Rocket Crotch Episode 1.5
- Cheeseman
- Hotdiggedydemon's third episode of the Jerry series (shame he was killed off though)
- Metal Gear Awesome 3? Although MGA2 was the apparent "finale to the Awesome Series", I'm sure Egoraptor could persuade himself to make another :D

Jez and Kaz are back!

2008-10-02 11:06:35 by IcemanClay

For all those Rocket Crotch fans out there, you'll be pleased to learn that Lenkobiscuit is working on TWO new Rocket Crotch episodes!

Lenko sent me the script for the second episode so I could begin voice recording for Kaz. It's AMAAAAAZING. Much more delicious and funnier than the first. I was then suprised to uncover another script being sent to me: the halloween special! It's crazy! Again funny, witty and scrumptious. Kaz has a bigger part in this one which is always nice, and I'm going to be a co-author too! I'm working on a short sketch, which Kaz will narrate. I can't wait until it's finished. I've attached a screen shot of what I've been working on.

EDIT 29/10/08
I've uploaded a more up to date image rather than a title screen :D

NEW EDIT 30/10/08 (Very early morning)
The Kaz section is complete!

NEWER EDIT 01/11/08
It's out! Click here and watch!

(For those who know about Johnny and the Portals and are wondering, "what's going on with that", you ought to know I haven't been working on it for a while. Since I started university I haven't really had the time. I really do want to finish it though. It will definately be ready for March 2009, or maybe earlier.)

Jez and Kaz are back!